Testing Equipment & Accessories

Here is a list of companies that manufacture equipment and kits for testing precious metals.

TestYourGold.com is an Australian company that produces the GT-Ultra silver and gold test kit, which uses the power of ultrasound to test bullion bars to make sure that they are genuine and aren’t filled with tungsten, merely plated with precious metals, or another form of trickery. The GT-Ultra silver and gold test kit costs $420.

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GVS Bullion Group is an Austrian company that produces the GVS Bullion Tester and the GVS Archimedes, which are both sophisticated testing tools that are designed to recognize precious metal forgeries within seconds by measuring each metal’s particular magnetic properties.

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GoldAnalytix is a German company that produces an innovative line of precious metals testing tools, including the CaratScreenPen, the GoldScreenSensor, the GoldScreenPen, MagneticScreenScales, the DensityScreenScale, and the BarScreenSensor.

The CaratScreenPen is a gold tester that quickly shows the carat number of gold jewelry, which helps to establish the gold content and detect under-alloying. The GoldScreenSensor determines the authenticity of precious metals coins and bars (up to 50 g) and detects counterfeits that use tungsten, molybdenum, and other metals. The GoldScreenPen helps to check the conductivity and authenticity of coins and bars up to 31 grams. The MagneticScreenScales helps to quickly check gold bars and coins to see if they have tungsten cores without destroying them. The DensityScreenScale tool helps to precisely detect the density of any kind of material. The BarScreenSensor is a measurement tool to check the authenticity of precious metal bars.

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Sigma Metalytics is a Chico, California-based company that produces a line of precious metals testing tools known as the Precious Metal Verifier or PMV. The company’s product line includes the PMV Original, the PMV PRO, and the PRO Mini. The PMV Original costs $999 and is geared for private precious metals investors who want to verify their coins and bars, while the PMV PRO costs $1,900 and is geared for businesses that deal in large volumes of precious metals. The PRO Mini incorporates many of the features of the PMV PRO, but in a smaller, more portable package. The PRO Mini costs $1,399 for the base set and is geared for private precious metals investors.

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GoldAndSilverTesting.com is a Chambersburg, Pennsylvania-based company that offers a variety of precious metals testing tools and kits, as well as tools that are commonly used in the jewelry industry, such as scales, loups, magnifiers, and cleaning/polishing kits. The testing kits offered by GoldAndSilverTesting.com use various chemicals to test the veracity of precious metals rather than ultrasound, magnetic, or electronic-based testing methods.

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The Bullion Test app is a tool designed to help detect fake bullion coins by examining their resonance frequencies. This tool is a modern, more sophisticated version of the "ring test" or "ping test," which involves dropping or tapping a bullion coin on a hard surface and listening to determine if the sound signature matches that of known authentic coins. This app is available for download for $3.49 on Google Play.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is a Waltham, Massachusetts-based company that produces a wide-variety of products that are used in healthcare, scientific research, and the pharmaceuticals industry. Thermo Fisher Scientific also produces professional-grade precious metals testing tools, including the Niton™ DXL Precious Metal Analyzer, the Niton™ XL5 Plus Handheld XRF Analyzer, and the Niton™ XL2100G General Metal Analyzer.

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AMC Company is an Austin, Texas-based company that carries jewelry tools, polishing equipment, display items, new & used tools, metals & stones, watch tools, and books. AMC also provides precious metals assay services, including fire assays and atomic absorption assays.

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Bruker Corporation is a Billerica, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of scientific instruments that are used in industrial and research applications. Among its many products, Bruker manufactures non-destructive precious metals testing equipment, including the TRACER 5 Portable XRF Spectrometer, the S1 TITAN Handheld XRF Analyzer, the M1 MISTRAL — a compact benchtop micro-XRF spectrometer, the CTX BenchTop XRF spectrometer, and the S2 PUMA — a high-end EDXRF spectrometer.

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Helmut Fischer/Fischer Technology is a Sindelfingen, Germany-based manufacturer of precision measuring instruments that was founded in 1953. Helmut Fischer’s U.S. division, Fischer Technology, is headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut. Helmut Fischer manufactures a portable, handheld gold tester called the SIGMASCOPE GOLD that is useful for non-destructive testing to detect fake gold coins & bars as well as for the presence of tungsten fillings. The company also manufactures the larger GOLDSCOPE SD, which is used for non-destructive gold and jewelry testing and precious metals analysis.

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Evident Scientific, Inc. is a Waltham, Massachussett’s-based manufacturer of scientific and industrial instruments and equipment that was founded in 2021. Evident Scientific, Inc. is a division of Japan-based Olympus Corporation. Evident Scientific manufactures a variety of compact, handheld, and benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers that are used for precious metals testing, including the Vanta™ and Vanta Element™ handheld XRF analyzer series, the Vanta™ GX benchtop precious metal analyzer, and Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzer that is used in industrial applications such as metal manufacturing and analysis of ores and mined materials.

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