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On this page, you can place orders to sell bullion in The United States that you have in your possession. When you have placed your sell order on this page, you must initiate shipping of your bullion to us within one business day. To sell bullion stored in vault storage, click here.

Place your Order

Step 1 - Place Your Sell Order

Lock in the price for your sell order by selecting the item(s) and quantity you wish to sell on this page. Verify or enter your customer information and choose how you would like to get paid. Submit your sell order. Please contact us to receive a quote if your item(s) are not listed below.

Ship Your Metals

Step 2 - Ship Your Metals

Ship your metals to us within one business day to the following address:

BStar US, IDS of Texas
11925 N. Stemmons Fwy
Suite 180
Dallas, Texas 75234

Get Paid

Step 3 - Get Paid

Get Paid once we have received and verified the authenticity of your metals. We typically process your payment within two business days of receiving your metals.

The below list prices are valid for bullion in original bullion condition.

The reduction for a bar or coin that is not in original condition is dependent on the severity of damage but normally ranges from 0.5 % to 4 %. If you would like to sell an item which is not in its original condition, you may still place your sell order online. We will update your order to reflect the adjusted price when we have received and assessed your item.

Select Items to Sell

Product Unit Price Quantity
Total to be paid out:
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