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Mr. Torgny Persson

Mr. Torgny Persson


Torgny is a native of Sweden and the founder of BullionStar — one of the world’s premier precious metals dealers. BullionStar is a fast-growing company that was founded in Singapore and has recently expanded into New Zealand and the United States.

Torgny has been passionate about finance and economics from a young age and went on to study economics as a university student. It was at university that Torgny realized that the economic models used by mainstream economists fail to factor monetary mechanics — a terrible flaw that explains much of the economic and financial dysfunction in the world today.

During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Torgny attempted to purchase precious metals to hedge against inflation and geopolitical instability but was disappointed by the lack of options in Sweden at that time. Fortunately, Torgny sensed a business opportunity and went on to establish Liberty Silver in 2008. Liberty Silver is now the largest bullion dealer in Sweden and Torgny still serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Torgny sensed another business opportunity in 2012 after Singapore’s government exempted investment precious metals from Goods and Services Tax (GST), which led him to establish BullionStar in the sophisticated and wealthy island nation of Singapore. BullionStar’s goal is to help modernize the bullion dealing industry by giving customers better accessibility and online control over their precious metals holdings.

Mr. Luke Chua

Mr. Luke Chua


Luke Chua assumed the role of BullionStar CEO in March 2021, following his tenure as COO since February 2015. He leads a dedicated team at BullionStar and excels at motivating every employee to achieve their very best; it is this personalized approach that has helped BullionStar to become one of the most desirable companies to work for.

Mr. Chua seeks to grow BullionStar’s business through innovation, technology, strategic relationships, and the pursuit of new opportunities. Mr. Chua is constantly optimizing BullionStar’s operational capabilities in order to most effectively capture the coming surge in demand for precious metals bullion products.

Mr. Chua’s overarching goal is to make precious metals investing easy, straightforward, and cost-effective, while upholding BullionStar's commitment to delivering a superior customer experience. Even before joining BullionStar, Mr. Chua was a fervent proponent of precious metals as a means of preserving wealth and was already stacking precious metals while working in management consulting.

Mr. Kevin Mottura

Mr. Kevin Mottura


Mr. Mottura was appointed as CFO in December 2020 and is an ideal fit for this critical role due to his extensive experience in the precious metals industry. Mr. Mottura possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in managerial finance, business controls, accounting, tax, operations, as well as working with international teams and relevant regulatory authorities. Mr. Mottura’s international business experience makes him particularly adept at navigating cultural nuances to find effective solutions that satisfy multiple stakeholders.

In his previous role, Mr. Mottura was Group Finance Controller for Southeast Asia at MKS PAMP GROUP, which operates the famous PAMP precious metals refinery in Switzerland.

Mr. Mottura earned a Master’s in Management from Grenoble School of Management in Grenoble, France.

Mr. Joakim Andersson

Mr. Joakim Andersson


Mr. Andersson is both a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of BullionStar. Mr. Andersson has a professional background as a senior software architect and senior software developer. Mr. Andersson’s unique talent for innovation helped him launch the first service provider for precious metals bullion dealers and information providers. Mr. Andersson has successfully led a team of developers to develop a state-of-the-art proprietary online sales and administration system for precious metals dealers.

Hong Kang

Mr. See Hong Kang


From an early age, Hong Kang has had a fascination and affinity for precious metals. That’s why it was only natural that he sought to work at BullionStar in 2013 as his first job after earning his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the prestigious and highly competitive Singapore Management University (SMU). Hong Kang was also one of BullionStar’s first employees.

As Hong Kang worked his way up the ranks at BullionStar, he learned nearly every aspect of the rapidly-growing company’s operations. Hong Kang’s mission is to provide a first-rate customer experience to all of BullionStar’s customers and he is succeeding at that mission.

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