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Photo of Pratheesh
Pratheesh Accounts Manager
Pratheesh is a dedicated Accounts Manager who thrives when he’s working directly with customers as well as crunching numbers and working on the accounts. Pratheesh was one of BullionStar’s earliest customers and decided to become an employee later on! Pratheesh says that he has learned a tremendous amount from his employment with BullionStar and that gold is his favorite way to save for the long term.
Photo of Ferhan
Ferhan Safe Deposit Box Manager
Ferhan’s friendly and sincere nature serves him well as BullionStar’s Safe Deposit Box Manager. He enjoys having genuine conversations and providing top-notch personalized service to each customer he interacts with. When asked about his experience at BullionStar, he said “Simply the BEST! #BestoftheBest.”
Photo of Ronan
Ronan Precious Metals Analyst
Ronan is world renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of precious metals, which is why he excels in his role as Precious Metals Analyst at BullionStar. His computer-like memory of precious metals-related facts and historical events has his coworkers wondering if he’s actually human! Ronan believes that gold originates from the cosmos and that BullionStar is an amazing company thanks to the empathetic, respectful, and innovative people who work there. Click here to follow his writings.
Photo of Dixon
Dixon Vault Manager
Dixon is BullionStar’s Vault Manager who is known for his responsible and meticulous nature, which is a tremendous advantage when ensuring that our stock inventory and customer’s stored bullion is correctly accounted for at all times. Dixon’s presence in the vault puts us at ease. Dixon has four sweet children. Dixon believes that gold is everlasting and that BullionStar is family.
Photo of Rachel
Rachel Senior Graphic Designer / UX Designer
Rachel is BullionStar’s highly skilled Senior Graphic Designer/UX Designer. Her Myers–Briggs personality type is INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging) and she finds that listening to different genres of music helps to boost her creativity. Outside of work, Rachel is a hodophile - a person who loves to travel - who enjoys riding her favorite bike and swimming in blue waters to spot her beloved “nudi” sea slugs and colorful frogfish. Rachel believes that gold is “money, now and forever” and considers BullionStar to be her second home.
Photo of Nathaniel
Nathaniel Bullion Executive
Nathaniel is a Bullion Executive and a gifted bullion photographer. Nathaniel’s long-term goal is to write about precious metals in a way that inspires others. Nathaniel practices what he preaches because he loves adding to his gold and silver portfolio! If you visit our shop, he invites you to pick his brain about precious metals! Nathaniel believes that gold is “the money of all ages” and that BullionStar is a “a refuge for honest, sound money and a hospital for fiat currency.”
Photo of Jinny
Jinny Accounts Executive
Jinny is BullionStar’s accounting maven. She is incredibly adept at spotting and reconciling unaccounted numbers - nothing gets past her! When Jinny performs her accounting magic from behind the scenes, numbers from different areas automatically balance and appear neatly in the ledger! When Jinny thinks of gold, she likes to envision a Caribbean pirate’s treasure chest that is filled with it. Jinny calls BullionStar “a team full of awesome people.”
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