Full online control

You’re in Complete Control of Your Bullion

BullionStar’s sophisticated vault storage service lets you buy, sell, and store precious metals bullion in multiple countries - Singapore, the United States, and New Zealand - for maximum geographic and jurisdictional diversification. You maintain full, around-the-clock control of your vaulted bullion with our online system.

The integrated vault located in our Bullion Center at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore is constructed from reinforced concrete with steel rebars. We utilize all of the industry-leading security and surveillance measures.

BullionStar also operates a vault at Le Freeport in Singapore - a maximum security facility that is known as “Asia’s Fort Knox.”

You can withdraw or sell your precious metals at any time via your online BullionStar account. You can choose to have your bullion shipped to you or you can pick up your bullion in-person at our vault facility (please set up an online appointment beforehand).