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Year of the Dragon: Surge in Singapore's Gold & Silver Sales

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As we embrace the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon stands before us, a time that’s not just about festive celebrations but also brings a wave of prosperity and good fortune. In Singapore, the dragon isn’t just another zodiac animal; it’s a symbol of power, wisdom, and success, casting a wide-reaching influence on society’s cultural and economic dynamics.

This period, particularly revered for its auspiciousness, sees a noticeable spike in gold and silver bullion sales, showcasing the deep-rooted significance of these precious metals in Chinese and Singaporean traditions.

The Auspicious Dragon’s Influence in Singapore

In Singapore, where the majority of the population have Chinese heritage, the Dragon Year is more than a calendar event – it’s a phenomenon.

It’s fascinating how this zodiac sign can nudge the entire society towards significant life decisions, be it welcoming a new member into the family, launching entrepreneurial ventures, or making hefty investments in real estate. Dubbed as “dragon babies," children born in this year are believed to inherit a slew of admirable traits, from intelligence to leadership, making dragon years highly anticipated among prospective parents.

Skyrocketing Demand for Bullion

As the Year of the Dragon dawns, it’s not just the birth rates that see an upswing. The demand for physical gold and silver bullion, especially those adorned with dragon motifs, skyrockets. At BullionStar we’ve observed a staggering 68% hike in sales of dragon-themed products compared to the rabbit-themed products of previous year. This trend is a clear indicator of the year’s cultural prestige and the optimistic economic outlook it fosters among Singaporeans.

Due to its association with good luck and fortune, Singaporeans also often feel more confident to make important life decisions as well as to take greater entrepreneurial and investment risks during dragon years. Similarly, dragon years are commonly considered to be the best time to buy a house or to invest in real estate.

Red Envelopes with Bullion

Popular Bullion Picks for the Year of the Dragon

The allure of dragon-themed bullion is undeniable, with a variety of gold and silver products in high demand. From 1 oz silver dragons to a plethora of PAMP Lunar Series bars and Australian Lunar Series coins, these items are not just investments; they’re collector’s pieces, cherished gifts, and symbols of wealth and protection.

2024 1 oz Silver Dragon

2024 1 oz PAMP Lunar Series “Year of the Dragon" Silver Bar

2024 1 oz PAMP Lunar Series “Year of the Dragon" Gold Bar

2024 1 Gram Argor-Heraeus Lunar Series “Year of the Dragon" Gold Bar

2024 10 Gram Argor-Heraeus Lunar Series “Year of the Dragon" Gold Bar

2024 1 oz Australian Lunar Series “Year of the Dragon" Gold Coin

2024 1 oz Australian Lunar “Year of the Dragon" Silver Coin

These items not only represent wise investments but also carry significant cultural and symbolic weight, making them ideal gifts for this festive season.

 2024 1 oz Silver Dragon
2024 1 oz Silver Dragon

We’ve selected these Lunar Dragon deals to enrich your Chinese New Year celebration, showcasing exquisite dragon designs on gold and silver from prestigious bullion brands. In Chinese culture, red packets or “红包” are traditionally given during the Lunar New Year and usually contain new banknotes. As an inflation-resistant alternative, we at BullionStar instead recommend considering the timeless tradition of gifting gold and silver — which have been money since 4,000 B.C. — in your red packets this year.

Demand for Gold in China

With the approach of Chinese New Year festivities, a notable surge in gold demand has taken center stage in China. The latest reports reveal a significant milestone: the Chinese market for gold jewellery has now surpassed that of India.

The demand for gold jewellery in China increased by 10% in 2023 totaling 630 tons according to the World Gold Council. At the same time investment in gold bars and coins grew 28% to 280 tonnes. China’s sharp economic downturn, which has pummeled the country’s stock and real estate markets, is also fueling the sharp increase in demand for gold.

China has also started increasing its official gold reserves again in 2023, which resulted in its gold holdings rising by 287.08 tonnes. Of course, as we’ve covered in the past, there is good reason to believe that the official figures are even higher than what is reported by the Chinese government.

Why Chinese & Singaporeans Love Gold

Asians, including Singaporean and Chinese people, have long had a special affinity for gold – and for good reason! times of celebration and uncertainty alike, gold stands as a beacon of stability and prosperity in Chinese and Singaporean cultures. Its value transcends mere aesthetics, embedding itself in traditions, acting as a safeguard against economic volatility, and serving as a cherished family heirloom. The Singaporean government’s supportive stance further cements its status, making Singapore a bustling hub for gold investment and trading.

Though various paper currencies, political regimes, and economic cycles have come and gone, gold has remained the same for thousands of years. It’s easy to understand the appeal of such monetary stability – especially when many Asian nations have experienced hyperinflation, financial crises and political unrest. Even in the 21st century, with our modern lifestyles and high-tech amenities, people from all walks of life instinctively clamor to the safety of gold during times of economic and geopolitical instability. Our documentary, “Gold in Times of Crisis Ep 1 – Passage out of Vietnam" exemplifies the importance of holding gold in times of geopolitical uncertainty.

For example, the Singapore government exempted investment precious metals from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2012, which enabled the country to become a trading, transit, and storage hub for precious metals as well as paved the way for BullionStar’s establishment.

From all of us at BullionStar, we wish you a joyous Chinese New Year filled with happiness, prosperity, and peace.

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