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Buy & Store Bullion in The United States

At BullionStar, we have made it our mission to give every person across the world the ability to have gold and silver either in their possession or to their name. We’ve chosen to vault and distribute out of Texas, a state with strong protection of individual rights and favorable tax policies related to the sale and storage of bullion.

Purchase bullion for FREE shipping* or store it with BullionStar as your secure storage provider. BullionStar offers highly competitive storage rates, as well as unmatched geo-political diversification for your storage. From one online account, you can purchase and store bullion in 3 jurisdictions: the United States, Singapore, and New Zealand. BullionStar's industry-leading practices ensure the safety and veracity of your items, and with bi-annual audits by LBMA-approved auditor Bureau Veritas, and complete insurance coverage for all our operations, you can buy with confidence, and store your items with assurance.

*FREE shipping applies to orders above $98 (USD)

Storing Your Precious Metals in BullionStar’s Vaults

BullionStar offers our customers the option to store their gold, silver, and platinum bullion in our highly-secure vaults around the world while maintaining full online control.

When you choose the vault storage option, you can:

  • Buy and sell bullion products online at all times.
  • Place online requests to physically withdraw your bullion.
  • Value and analyze your precious metals portfolio with a variety of valuation methods and currencies.
  • View photos of your bullion that is stored in our vaults.
  • Access online audits of your stored bullion, view third-party audit protocols, and request physical audits of your bullion in our vaults.
  • View our vault insurance certificate that proves that your bullion is insured.
  • Request a certificate and report about your bullion that is vaulted with us.

When you store your gold, silver, and platinum bullion in BullionStar’s ultra-secure vaults, your bullion is fully insured and audited with no fewer than five audit methods for maximum assurance. Of course, our customers maintain full direct legal ownership of their precious metals at all times; BullionStar simply provides storage services.

If you need further assistance, please visit our customer support page, where you will find out how to contact us via telephone, e-mail, and text message.

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Why Should You Choose BullionStar?

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