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A Guide to Paying For Your BullionStar Order With Crypto

BullionStar is proud to have accepted cryptocurrency as a form of payment since 2014 and was one of the first bullion dealers to do so. We accept payment in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We also display precious metals spot prices, charts, product prices, and the Cash & Bullion Dashboard (which is located in your BullionStar account) in those cryptocurrencies.

How to Pay

To pay for your BullionStar order with crypto, select your preferred cryptocurrency by using the currency dropdown menu that is located in the upper right-hand corner of our website. The cryptocurrency that you choose will then automatically be used as the payment method when you checkout. Once you have confirmed your order, a confirmation page will appear and you will be sent a confirmation e-mail that contains a unique cryptocurrency address where you must initiate your payment in your chosen cryptocurrency within 20 minutes. If you are paying for your order with Bitcoin, we kindly request that you send your transaction with priority fees so that we receive your payment as soon as possible.

Upon receiving your cryptocurrency payment, we will send you an e-mail and text message for confirmation, and we will begin to process your order. Please double-check that you have selected the proper cryptocurrency as your payment method to avoid incorrect transactions. BullionStar is not responsible for cryptocurrency that is sent incorrectly, including cryptocurrency that is sent to the wrong cryptocurrency address.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying With Crypto

Step 1: Select the cryptocurrency that you would like to use for payment.

Step 2: Browse through our product categories such as “Silver Coins” or “Gold Bars” to view our bullion products priced in your preferred cryptocurrency. For example, the gold bar below was selling for BTC 0.66259474 when the screenshot was taken.


Step 3: Once you’ve identified the products that you’d like to buy, add them to the Shopping Cart by filling in your preferred number of product units and then clicking the “Add to Cart” button. As you can see below, one gold bar has been added to the shopping cart.

Step 4: Once the item has been added to your shopping cart, a pop-up will appear showing the product that you’ve added. From the pop-up, you can click either “Continue Shopping” or “Proceed to Checkout.” If you’d like to add more products to your shopping cart, simply repeat Step 3. When you are finished shopping, click “Proceed to Checkout.”

Step 5: When you checkout, your selected cryptocurrency will be used as your default payment method. Next, choose your preferred delivery method and fill in or edit the required customer information. The first time that you place an order for storage in our vault(s), you will need to select a PIN code that will be required for use in future transactions. If you already have a PIN code, input that code under "Account Verification" if the system requests it. Next, indicate that you agree with BullionStar’s Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that your order is binding by checking both checkboxes. To place your order, simply click the "Place Your Order" button.

Step 6: After your place your order, a confirmation page will appear. That confirmation page will contain important information such as your order number, the products that you’ve ordered, your supplied customer information, and the cryptocurrency payment information (the number of cryptocurrency units and the cryptocurrency address to send payment to). We'll also send you an order confirmation via e-mail. Within 20 minutes, please send your payment to the cryptocurrency address that we provide on the order confirmation page and e-mail.

Step 7: Once we have received your payment, we will send you an e-mail and text message for confirmation and will process your order.

Bullion Products Priced in Cryptocurrencies

If you select a cryptocurrency as your preferred currency (at the top right hand corner of the BullionStar website), all product prices, precious metals spot prices, charts, account history, portfolio values, etc. will be priced in that cryptocurrency.

In the screenshot below, the gold, silver, and platinum are priced in Bitcoin.

Here’s what it looks like when your BullionStar account’s Cash & Bullion Dashboard uses Bitcoin to price your bullion products:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can all products carried by BullionStar be purchased with cryptocurrency?

A: Yes – as long as you are paying in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Q: Can I use cryptocurrency to pay for products in all countries in which BullionStar offers products?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Are there any minimum or maximum crypto transaction amounts?

A: There are no minimum transaction amounts for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin payments. The minimum transaction amount (buying or selling) for Ethereum is ETH 0.5. The minimum sell transaction amount for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin payments is the equivalent of USD 499. The maximum amount per order for buying and selling is currently the equivalent of SGD 1,000,000 for BTC and ETH, and the equivalent of SGD 100,000 for LTC and BCH. If you’d like to settle an order with a higher amount, please contact us so that we can determine whether we can assist you.

Q: How much time do I have to send my cryptocurrency payment?

A: Please initiate your crypto payment within 20 minutes of placing your order. If you are paying with Bitcoin, we kindly request that you send your transaction with priority fees so that we receive your payment as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: No, orders can’t be cancelled due to precious metals price fluctuations that BullionStar has no control over. BullionStar always stands ready, however, to buy back products that our customers have purchased from us in the past.

Q: What happens if I don't pay for my order?

A: BullionStar will charge an SGD 60 fee plus an additional fee to compensate us for any adverse market fluctuations.

Q: How many confirmations are required before you release the products?

A: We require at least 6 confirmations, which can take approximately 20 minutes to several hours. Once we have received your payment, we will send our automatic payment confirmations via e-mail and text message.

Q: Can I sell products to BullionStar for payment in cryptocurrency?

A: Yes, we can buy bullion products from you and pay you in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin. The current maximum amount for buy and sell orders is the equivalent of SGD 1,000,000 for BTC and ETH and SGD 100,000 for LTC and BCH per transaction. If you are looking to sell bullion products to BullionStar, we kindly ask that you contact us first to verify whether we can settle your sell order in your preferred cryptocurrency. 

Q: What happens if I, for a buy order, accidentally send my cryptocurrency to the wrong cryptocurrency address or send a cryptocurrency to an address for another cryptocurrency? 

A: Unfortunately, you may lose your funds as cryptocurrency transfers are irreversible. This is true of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, not just cryptocurrency transactions involving BullionStar. It is of the utmost importance that you double-check that you have selected the correct preferred cryptocurrency and that you send it to the proper cryptocurrency address. Customers are responsible for selecting the correct preferred cryptocurrency and sending it to the proper cryptocurrency address that is listed on your order confirmation. BullionStar is not, by any means, liable or responsible for incorrectly selected cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency sent to incorrect cryptocurrency addresses.

Q: What happens if I, for a sell order, accidentally provide the wrong cryptocurrency address to BullionStar?

A: Unfortunately, cryptocurrency transfers cannot be reversed. If you have provided BullionStar with the wrong cryptocurrency address and we have already sent cryptocurrency to that address, you are unlikely to receive your payment. We cannot emphasize this enough: please double-check that you have selected the correct preferred cryptocurrency and have provided the correct cryptocurrency address to BullionStar. Customers bear the sole responsibility for choosing the correct cryptocurrency and providing the correct cryptocurrency address. BullionStar is not, by any means, liable or responsible for incorrectly selected cryptocurrencies or incorrect cryptocurrency addresses provided to us.

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