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BullionStar’s Vault Insurance Procedures & Policies

BullionStar fully insures all customer precious metals that are stored in our vaults against all risks at full replacement value. At our U.S. vault in Dallas, Texas, our vaulting partner is International Depository Services (IDS) of Texas. Our insurance coverage is underwritten by the leading insurance firm Lloyd's of London. Our Singapore and New Zealand vaults are insured by the renowned insurance firm Marsh and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

We also fully insure the products that you have ordered while they are in transit until you have taken delivery of the parcel. In the rare event that your bullion shipment is lost, your ordered items will be covered by our shipping insurance and you will receive a full replacement of the products that you have originally ordered. In all events, your purchased precious metals are covered against all risks until they are safely in your possession.

BullionStar's insurance covers all customer assets and property that are entrusted to us including bullion items and cash. We also have additional insurance to cover us against other business risks. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to fully protect both our customers and ourselves against all unforeseen circumstances including mysterious disappearance, fidelity, terrorism, sabotage, and other risks that are often excluded from similar insurance policies.

We invite you to view our evidence of insurance certificate.

In addition to our comprehensive insurance coverage, BullionStar employs no fewer than five methods to audit the bullion that is stored in our vaults around the world. Our Live Audit Report allows customers to audit and verify the existence of their precious metals items online (as well as all bullion items in our vaults) as compared to the bullion in our system records. The bullion in our vaults is regularly audited by the LBMA-approved third-party auditing firm Bureau Veritas. Click here to view our audit protocols. BullionStar customers also have the option to audit their holdings that are stored with us. Click here to set up an appointment to audit your bullion.

BullionStar is unique in offering our customers the ability to store their precious metals in multiple international jurisdictions for maximum diversification.

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