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How We Allocate Bullion in Our Vaults

When you buy precious metals from BullionStar and have them shipped to you or stored in our vault(s), you can be confident that you will receive the exact product that you ordered. For example, if you buy fifty 1 oz American Silver Eagle coins, that’s exactly what will be delivered to you.

BullionStar always makes sure to handle all customer bullion with the most care possible. Each customer order is inspected, documented, and signed for by two BullionStar vault and service officers. In addition, all handling of customer bullion — whether for shipping or for vault storage — is performed under the watchful eye of a high-resolution camera.

Precious metals that are stored in our vaults are organized by a proprietary shelving system that keeps customers’ holdings separate from BullionStar-owned inventory to prevent co-mingling.

Once we have received payment for your purchased bullion that you intend to vault with us, we take photos of each item and upload those photos to your BullionStar account. The photos that we take show the serial number of each bullion bar along with the printed order confirmation that shows each bar’s serial number for added confirmation. Though bullion products without serial numbers are fungible and interchangeable, BullionStar makes sure that you maintain direct ownership of those specific items.

BullionStar employs five different methods of auditing customer bullion that are stored in our vaults.

Our Live Audit Report allows customers to audit and verify the existence of their precious metals items online (as well as all bullion items in our vaults) as compared to the bullion in our system records.

The bullion in our vaults is regularly audited by the LBMA-approved third-party auditing firm Bureau Veritas. Click here to view our audit protocols.

BullionStar customers also have the option to audit their holdings that are stored with us. Click here to set up an appointment to audit your precious metals.

Though exceedingly unlikely to be utilized, all customer bullion that is stored in our vaults is fully insured against loss or damage on a like-for-like basis. Our insurance provider is the world-renowned insurance firm Marsh and our insurance is underwritten by an assortment of syndicates at Lloyd’s of London.

Direct Legal Ownership

When you store your precious metals in BullionStar’s vaults, you remain the undisputed, unambiguous legal owner of those bullion items. BullionStar is simply your storage provider and we promise that we will never lend, encumber, co-mingle, or collateralize your metals nor involve them in any derivative transactions or arrangements.

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