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BullionStar’s Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

For most of human history, precious metals investing was limited to the rich, but BullionStar has changed the game with our ground-breaking Bullion Savings Program (BSP). The Bullion Savings Program lets investors purchase inexpensive gold, silver, and platinum by the gram, which is practical for building up savings in precious metals over time as your budget permits.

BSP grams of gold, silver, and platinum are 100% backed by physical precious metals that are held in BullionStar’s highly secure vaults. Each day, we publish a detailed report showing the amounts of gold, silver, and platinum that back each of the three BSP programs.

Bullion Savings Program grams of precious metals sell for low spreads and premiums over the spot price of the respective metals, which helps our customers to save money.

Holders of BSP grams have the option to convert their grams of gold, silver, and platinum into physical gold, silver, or platinum bullion bars at their convenience (assuming that the specified conversion threshold has been met).

We don’t charge any fees for converting BSP grams into physical bullion and BSP participants can sell their BSP grams back to BullionStar if and when they want to.

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