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Bullion Storage in the United States

BullionStar operates out of Texas in the United States, which is one of the best states for storing your Bullion.

Tax-Free - There are no Sales Taxes for any products sold by BullionStar and stored in the state of Texas.

Laws and Regulations - Texas is one of the most Precious Metals friendly states, with favorable policies, laws and regulations related to the sale and storage of bullion.

Protection of Individual Rights - One of the founding values of the United States is the protection of individual freedoms, properties, and rights. With strong protection of individual rights, Texas was a natural choice for us.

Cultural Significance - Gold and Silver have a long history of value in the United States. The US used precious metal in its currency up until 1970, and is home to the famous American Silver Eagle.

Financial Center of the World - The US Dollar has long been the de facto international currency, and remains to this day the most widely held reserve currency among nations.

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