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Why Should You Store Your Precious Metals in Singapore?

The wealthy and sophisticated island nation of Singapore is one of the best countries to store gold and silver bullion — even if you’re not a resident or citizen of Singapore.

Singapore is world renowned for its political independence and stability.

Even better is the fact that Singapore’s government is very friendly to precious metals investing and investors and is proactive in supporting the sector through various agencies including Enterprise Singapore, which works to attract bullion dealers and refineries to the country, as well as pro-precious metals initiatives such as exempting investment precious metals from sales tax in 2012.

Singapore’s pro-business policies and culture has led to it being consistently rated one of the world’s best countries to do business and manage wealth. Few other countries rival Singapore’s protection of private property and its ease of doing business.

Here are the reasons why Singapore is one of the best countries to buy and store precious metals in:

  • Zero taxes on gold and silver: remarkably, Singapore doesn’t tax bullion in any way shape, or form — not even on capital gains! There is also no sales tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), VAT, import or export taxes.
  • Cash purchases allowed: unlike many countries, Singapore allows bullion purchases to be paid for with cash, which has many advantages such as the lack of counterparty risk.
  • One of the world’s safest countries: Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and violent crime is virtually nonexistent. If you purchase bullion from BullionStar’s retail store in Singapore, you can walk out with your precious metals and bring them home with almost no risk of being robbed.
  • Private property rights: Singapore’s government and society strongly respects and protects the private property rights of citizens and non-citizens alike.
  • Pro-business climate: Singapore has long been one of the world’s Top 3 countries for the ease and efficiency of doing business.
  • Favorable regulatory environment: As the U.S. and EU governments make life increasingly difficult for precious metals investors with restrictive legislations, Singapore’s government is moving in the opposite direction with its goal to bolster the country’s status as a premier international hub for the trading, transit and storage of gold, silver, and platinum.
  • Political independence: similar to the reputation that Switzerland has for its political independence, Singapore is proud of its political independence and lack of jurisdictional ties to the U.S. or to any European country. As a result, Singapore is often considered the “Switzerland of Asia.”

Singapore’s sterling reputation as a pro-business mecca along with its impeccable safety and security make it a top jurisdiction for storing your hard-earned bullion holdings — especially when they’re held in BullionStar’s ultra-secure vault.

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