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BullionStar’s Precious Metals Pricing

BullionStar’s product pricing policies are very simple and straightforward. We frequently update product prices automatically on our website. The price that you see is the price that you pay at that time without any hidden or additional charges. The price is locked in when you place your order and will remain locked in despite any price fluctuations between the time that you lock in the price and settlement or delivery time.

We will not issue any price changes or refunds after you place your order. All orders are binding and we charge fees for canceled orders.

We don’t add additional charges to purchase prices if you choose to purchase bullion for storage, though there are very reasonable storage fees.

If you choose to have your purchased bullion products shipped to your address, we charge shipping and insurance fees that vary based on the value of your order, the weight, and the country that it’s being shipped to. We display all shipping costs on the checkout page before you confirm your order.

Bulk Discounts

BullionStar offers bulk or volume discounts to customers who purchase large quantities of precious metals products from us. If you meet the threshold to receive a volume discount on a particular product, the discount will automatically be applied in the shopping cart and at the time of checkout.

How Do We Set Our Prices?

Our pricing process is quite simple: we set the prices of our bullion products based on the global spot price for that particular metal plus a price premium.

Global precious metals spot prices are determined largely based on the U.S. futures markets and the London wholesale precious metals markets. Spot prices refer to the prices that unallocated or synthetic precious metals can be purchased in large, wholesale volumes by banks and other financial institutions. The trading on these markets is overwhelmingly dominated by non-physical or “paper” instruments rather than the trading of physical bullion, and conducting large physical precious metals transactions is complicated, costly, and slow.

Physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion product prices are higher than the respective spot prices for those respective precious metals because refining, minting, assaying, shipping, insurance, and other costs are incorporated into the prices of physical bullion. The difference between the retail price for a particular bullion product and its relevant spot metal price is called the price premium. Bullion price premiums are displayed as a percentage of the spot price, and the size of the premium is determined by the supply and demand dynamic for the bullion product in question.

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