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Precious Metals Storage Options

BullionStar offers two ways to buy and store gold and silver with us:

1) Buying Physical Bullion & Storing in Our Vaults

When you buy physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion products from BullionStar and have them shipped to you or stored in our vaults, you are the direct legal owner of specific allocated bullion. If you store your uniquely identifiable bullion products in our vaults, you are still the direct legal owner of those products; BullionStar is simply your storage provider. For example, if you purchase five 1 kilogram silver bars and store them in a BullionStar vault, you remain the direct legal owner of those same identifiable serial-numbered 1 kilogram silver bars.

Before we store your precious metal products in our vaults, we inspect and photograph them. Once your metals are vaulted with us, you have the freedom to buy, sell, or physically withdraw your holdings at your discretion. We utilize five different audit methods, including twice-annual audits by LBMA-approved auditing company Bureau Veritas.

Your BullionStar account’s Account Dashboard enables you to view, analyze, and value your precious metals holdings in a variety of different currencies.

We have some of the lowest storage charges in the industry and you can manage your holdings completely online at all times.

We conduct third-party audits of customer bullion holdings in our vaults and fully insure those holdings.

2) Buying Precious Metals Through Our Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

BullionStar’s Bullion Savings Program (BSP) is a game-changing program that enables investors to purchase inexpensive gold, silver, and platinum by the gram. All grams in the Bullion Savings Program are fully backed by physical precious metals that are held in BullionStar’s vaults. Each day, we publish a report of the physical gold, silver, and platinum that back each of the three BSP programs.

Bullion Savings Program participants have the option to sell their BSP grams back to BullionStar at any time or convert them into physical bullion bars that are minted by LBMA-approved refineries.

BullionStar doesn’t charge any fees for buying, selling, or converting BSP grams into physical bars.

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