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Direct Legal Ownership of Your Precious Metals

If you choose to store your precious metals in BullionStar's high security vault(s), you maintain full direct legal ownership of your bullion. BullionStar is simply your storage provider and we promise to never lend, encumber, co-mingle, or collateralize your metals nor involve them in any derivative transactions or arrangements.

Once we have received payment for your purchased bullion that you intend to vault with us, we take photos of each item and upload those photos to your BullionStar account. The photos that we take show the serial number of each bullion bar along with the printed order confirmation that shows each bar’s serial number for added confirmation.

Physically Withdrawing Your Bullion

BullionStar vault service customers can physically withdraw their precious metals at any time. To do so, log into your BullionStar account, visit the Withdraw Bullion section, and select the items that you would like to withdraw. Please note that there may be a fee for physical withdrawal (click here to view our fees).

Bullion Audits

BullionStar uses no fewer than five different methods of auditing customer precious metals that are stored in our vaults. Our innovative Live Audit Report allows customers to audit and verify the existence of their bullion items online (as well as all bullion items in our vaults) as compared to the bullion in our system records. Your precious metals holdings are listed under your vault account number in a publicly displayed list that includes the serial numbers of your bullion items that have serial numbers.

The bullion in our vaults also undergoes regular third-party audits by the LBMA-approved auditing firm Bureau Veritas. Click here to access the audit protocols.

BullionStar customers are also welcome to audit their own holdings that are vaulted with us. Click here to set up an audit appointment.

Please note that there may be a fee for customer audits (click here to view our fees).

Vault Holdings Certificates

When you store your precious metals in our vaults, we provide you with a vault holdings certificate that is automatically updated every time that you buy, sell, or physically withdraw your bullion. We’ve designed our vault system so that ownership of your stored bullion is clear, unequivocal, and unambiguous regardless of what happens.

Though exceedingly unlikely, if BullionStar were to no longer be in business, an independent accounting firm would help you take possession of your precious metals holdings.

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