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Storing & Delivering Precious Metals in the United States

BullionStar gives our customers the ability to purchase precious metals in several different countries. To purchase products from the United States, simply use the Stock Location dropdown menu at the upper right-hand corner of the BullionStar website.

We also offer customers the ability to have their bullion products shipped to them or to store in BullionStar’s highly secure vaults.

1) Shipping to Your Address

BullionStar offers domestic U.S. shipping and only works with the most reputable shipping companies so that your precious metals products are handled with the best care possible. We provide tracking numbers for all shipments so that you can track your parcel every step of its journey.

Though very unlikely to be utilized, BullionStar also insures all parcels for their full replacement value and bears all risk until you receive your parcel.

If you choose to have your purchased bullion products shipped to you, we automatically add the cost of shipping and insurance during the checkout process. You can check the cost of shipping before you checkout and pay for your order. All additional administrative and handling costs are included in the final purchase price.

2) Vault Storage

BullionStar offers customers the ability to store their purchased bullion products in our extremely secure U.S. vault, which is located in Dallas, Texas.

To buy and store bullion products through our website, all you need to do is find the products that you’d like to purchase, add them to your shopping cart, and then go through the checkout process, where you can choose “Vault Storage United States” as your delivery option.

If you choose to store your precious metals products in our vaults, you retain full legal ownership of those products. We use a sophisticated, proprietary shelving system to help keep all bullion organized and properly segregated in our vaults. When bullion is withdrawn from our vaults, we pack it in security bags that show whether they have been tampered with or not.

We apply the same high standards of security, insurance, and auditing to all three of our vaults in the United States, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Customer bullion in our vaults is fully insured at full replacement value. In addition, we use five different audit methods to verify the existence, integrity, and allocation of your precious metals. Before placing your bullion products into our vault for storage, we take photos of those products and upload them to your online BullionStar account. We make sure that the serial numbers of your bullion bars can be seen in the photos that we take so that you can view and identify each of your products.

When you store your precious metals in BullionStar’s vaults, you will have full online control over them via your BullionStar account’s Cash & Bullion Dashboard. From your Cash & Bullion Dashboard, you can view all of your bullion stored in BullionStar’s vaults around the world, buy more bullion, sell your bullion, and request physical withdrawal at your convenience.

At BullionStar, we pride ourselves on our ultra-low vault storage costs that include full insurance of all risks, third-party audits, and full online control of your precious metals holdings.

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