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Why Should You Choose BullionStar?

BullionStar was founded in 2012 by two Swedish entrepreneurs — Torgny Persson and Joakim Andersson — who were, and still are, deeply convicted that gold and silver are the best forms of money.

The two men set out to build a bullion dealer that would give people from all walks of life the ability to own real money and to protect their hard-earned savings from the ravages of inflation and other terrible government policies.

Here are some of the core benefits of choosing BullionStar as your precious metals dealer:

  • Trustworthiness

BullionStar has served tens of thousands of satisfied customers and processed over 370,000 precious metals orders from customers across 130 different countries. Our sales revenue for fiscal 2022 was USD 281,710,865. Transparency is one of our most important values, so we make sure that our customers are always in control and can easily follow every step of the order process online. In addition, we use five different audit methods to verify and protect the precious metals that our customers store in our ultra-secure vaults in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Jurisdictional Diversification

BullionStar is unique in offering our customers the ability to buy, sell, store, withdraw, and audit physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion in three excellent locations — the United States, Singapore, and New Zealand. Even better is the fact that all of those actions can be performed online through a free BullionStar account that takes just seconds to set up. Each jurisdiction that we operate in has strong property rights, which helps to ensure that your precious metals remain yours while BullionStar acts only as your storage provider.

  • Integrity, Transparency, and Reliability

Since its founding in 2012, BullionStar has fulfilled over $2 billion worth of precious metals orders, which is a testament to our commitment to security, transparency, and reliability in everything that we do.

  • Confidentiality & Protection of Customer Information

As long-time precious metals investors ourselves, we understand the values and thinking of our fellow gold and silver aficionados. We understand the importance of privacy, confidentiality, and minimization of counterparty risk and incorporate those values into every aspect of our business operations. Furthermore, BullionStar promises to never share customer information with any party unless we are explicitly ordered by a Singapore court of law to do so.

  • Tax Minimization

BullionStar carefully selects the mix of bullion products that it offers in each jurisdiction to help customers minimize taxes. The majority of the products that we sell are tax-free in the jurisdictions in which we offer them.

  • Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

Your BullionStar account is chock full of valuable features including:

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