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BullionStar's Vault in the United States

BullionStar operates out of Dallas, Texas in the United States. Customers can place orders for Shipping or Vault Storage. BullionStar's vault partner in the United States is International Depository Services of Dallas, Texas.

The facility was built in 2017 and is privately owned and independently run outside the banking system.

The Vault is Class 3 UL-Rated, the highest classification for such vaults against physical intrusion and is secured with state-of-the art systems, such as 24/7 real time monitoring with multi-redundant security systems, secure entry protocols, and is furthermore protected by armed guards.

In the extremely unlikely event that there would be any incident, BullionStar has full insurance coverage against all risks including fidelity and mysterious disappearance.

Check out our other vault locations: Singapore, New Zealand

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