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BullionStar's U.S. Vault

BullionStar’s United States precious metals vault is located in Dallas, Texas. When customers purchase bullion products from us, they have the option to have those products shipped to them or stored in our ultra-secure vaults in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Our U.S. vault partner is International Depository Services (IDS) of Dallas, Texas.

Our Dallas vault facility was built in 2017 and is privately owned and independently run outside of the banking system.

Our vault is Class 3 UL-rated, which is the highest rating possible for vaults of this type. We use state-of-the art systems to protect our customers’ precious metals including armed guards, secure entry protocols, and 24/7 real-time monitoring with multi-redundant security systems.

Though exceedingly unlikely to be utilized, all customer bullion in our vaults is fully covered by insurance against every possible risk including mysterious disappearance and fidelity.

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