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Storing Precious Metals With BullionStar

If you’re a precious metals investor who is looking to store your bullion in ultra-secure vaults around the world for maximum jurisdictional diversification, BullionStar’s vaulting service was made for you.

To get started, sign up for a free BullionStar account if you haven’t already.

Your BullionStar account will enable you to buy and store precious metals in all of the countries that we offer vaulting services in — all from the same account! Every vault that we operate uses the most advanced security protocols in the industry and is managed by highly-qualified, full-time staff. We further protect your bullion investments with comprehensive insurance coverage from the renowned insurance provider Marsh. We welcome you to view our insurance certificate.

Managing Your Vaulted Bullion Online

BullionStar's state-of-the-art vaulting solution allows you to manage your bullion holdings online, 24/7.

When you store your bullion with us:

  • You benefit from our sophisticated end-to-end vaulting solution in all jurisdictions that we operate in.
  • You maintain full direct legal ownership of your physical precious metals; BullionStar is simply your storage provider.
  • All of your bullion items are fully allocated in our vaults and you are free to buy, sell, and physically withdraw at any time.
  • Your precious metals are fully insured by an industry-leading insurance provider.
  • Your metals are protected by five different audit methods that we employ, including an independent audit by a LBMA-approved third-party auditing firm and our Live Audit Report. Click here to view our third-party audit protocols.
  • The integrity and safety of your bullion holdings are ensured by our comprehensive process of double-inspection, photographing, and handling under camera surveillance before they are placed into storage. You can view pictures of your precious metals that are stored in our vaults for verification purposes.
  • You can take advantage of our multiple storage jurisdictions for maximum geographic diversification.
  • You can view the vault certificates for all of your bullion that are stored with us.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality are protected.
  • You will benefit from our unusually low storage fees.
  • You can view and analyze your precious metals holdings under the Account Dashboard.

Though you may use our vaulting services, you are still the rightful, legal owner of your fully-allocated precious metals with BullionStar acting as your storage provider until you sell or physically withdraw them. We promise to never lend or collateralize your metals nor involve them in any derivative transactions or arrangements.

We use a proprietary shelving system in our vaults to maintain the integrity and organization of our customers’ bullion holdings. Before we place customer bullion into our vaults, we take photos of each item and upload those photos to your BullionStar account. The photos that we take show the serial number of each bullion bar along with the printed order confirmation that shows each bar’s serial number for added confirmation.

When you buy precious metals and choose to store them in our vaults, we will send you frequent updates throughout the order process. We will send you confirmations via e-mail and text message at the time that you place your order. We will send you additional confirmations via e-mail and text message when we have received your payment and have placed your precious metals into vault storage.

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Storage fees for:United States, Singapore, New Zealand

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