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How BullionStar Ensures Your Privacy & Confidentiality

At BullionStar, it is our policy to always keep our customers’ data confidential.

Precious metals investors are typically interested in limiting their counterparty risk. In addition, the desire for greater privacy is a major reason why precious metals investors store their bullion internationally across multiple jurisdictions. With those desires in mind, BullionStar fully respects and recognizes the importance of maintaining the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your data.

BullionStar will not provide your information to any person or entity unless a court of law in Singapore orders us to do so. Because physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion are considered by Singaporean law to be a physical good, BullionStar is not legally obligated to report any purchase, sale, or vault holding of precious metals to any person or entity, either domestic or foreign.

BullionStar uses HTTPS encryption with 2048-bit certificate key to ensure the privacy and security of communications between us and our customers.

Furthermore, we protect all customer passwords with one-way, hashed encryption to prevent anyone from accessing customer BullionStar accounts aside from the customers themselves.

In addition, we require all vault storage customers to create a unique PIN code to increase the security of online vault storage handling and transactions. That PIN code must be entered every time a customer initiates a vault transaction.

BullionStar also offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for BullionStar accounts for greater security and we highly recommend that all customers enable that feature. We offer two options for 2FA: text message or Google Authenticator. When using the text message option, our system will text message a unique code to your mobile phone each time you try to log into your BullionStar account. You will be required to enter that code in order to log in and access your account. If you choose to use Google Authenticator, you will need to scan a QR-code generated on BullionStar's website or enter a secret key using the Google Authenticator app at the time that you enable 2FA via Google Authenticator on BullionStar's website. Each time that you log into your BullionStar account, you will need to enter a unique code generated by Google Authenticator.

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